S2O Survey
On behalf of the Subscribe to Open Community of Practice, a group of publishers, librarians, and funders, I ask for your help by completing this 8-minute survey on open access in general, and the Subscribe to Open (S2O) approach in particular.

We are interested in how the S2O model is currently perceived among librarians at different types of institutions and in different parts of the world. We will make the results of the survey freely available to you as well as seek opportunities to present them at relevant librarian conferences.

The S2O Community of Practice comprises academic publishers (currently 9), a diverse group of librarians from around the world, and representatives of the funder community. Together, we are pursuing S2O as a novel approach to convert closed access journals to open access.

Andrea Lopez
(Co-organizer, S2O Community of Practice)  
This survey is being hosted by Snap Surveys and administered by Maverick Publishing Specialists on behalf of the Subscribe to Open Community of Practice. When you complete the survey, any information you submit will be collected and processed by Maverick for the Subscribe to Open Community Practice and will only be used for the purposes of administering the survey and analyzing the results.
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