Can you spare ten minutes to tell us help us plan for the future of play in Carmarthenshire?

The Play Sufficiency Steering Group is doing a piece of work called a Play Sufficiency Assessment.  The assessment helps us to understand what play provision children and young people in Carmarthenshire want and need. To do this we need to hear from parents and carers to build a picture of what it's like for children playing in Carmarthenshire.  

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and the information you share with us will be used to find ways of protecting and improving the opportunities, time and space available for playing or hanging out.  
Q2How many children do you have?
Q3What age is your child(ren)?
Please select all that apply.
Q4Do any of your children have additional needs?
Playing Out
The Welsh Government defines play as “any recreational activity”.  This includes youth clubs; leisure centre and sporting activities; parks and play areas; cultural and arts activities like going to the cinema or theatre; indoor play centres, play buses and events organised for children and their families.
Q5How often does your child(ren) go out to play or hang out with friends?
Q6Do you think your child(ren) has / have enough time for playing or hanging out with friends?
Q7What do you think are your child(ren)’s favourite places to play or hang out when not in school?
Q8When your child(ren) is/are playing out with friends, how far do you allow them to go?
Q9How does your child(ren) usually get to the places where they play?
Q10How worried are you about your child(ren)’s safety when they’re out playing?
Q11Is there anything that makes it difficult for children and young people to play or hang out?
Q11aIf yes, what type of things make it difficult for your child(ren) to play or hang out as much as you would like?
Q12Do you think your child(ren) is playing or hanging out with friends more or less as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?
Q13Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed how much you and your family value being able to play and / or hang out with friends?
Q14Do you feel your child(ren) has/have enough opportunities to play/hang out?
About You
Can you please tell us a bit about yourself. If you don't want to you can leave these questions blank.
Q16Which of the following ethnic / cultural groups do you consider you belong to?
Q17Can you understand, read, write or speak Welsh?
Q18Do you consider yourself to be a disabled person?
Talk To Us About Play
This is the beginning of an exciting conversation about play in Carmarthenshire and we recognise and value your views on this matter. We're looking for parents and carers to take part in an online discussion session about their experiences. The session would last about 30 minutes, take place in the evening and you can join in from the comfort of your own home.

By getting involved you will help inform the Play Sufficiency Assessment and help direct investment in play to where it is needed most and improve provision for other families in your area.
Q19Would you be interested in taking part in a focus group?
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