Address Amendment Request

This form is to be used for applications to amend an existing address

Application Notes - Please read SNN Guidance before completing
House names must be used in conjunction with the street number and not in place of it, with the exception of named-only properties where a number was not originally allocated.

Street numbers and full postal addresses are only changed in certain circumstances.

It is a legal requirement under the Public Health Act 1925 (sections 17-19) that the street number is displayed in a clear and prominent position so that it can easily be read from the roadside.  This also applies to any names that form part of the address.

All address amendments are subject to consulation to ensure that there is no address the same or too similar within the same postcode sector.  This is done to minimise any postal confusion or in case of emergency, so the Emergency Services are sent to the correct address.

Amendments made without Council approval may be subject to change.  DBC will not be liable for any costs or damages due to this.

This form is not to be used for postcode changes.  Dartford Borough Council have no control over postcode allocation.  If you have a query with your postcode, please contact Royal Mail on 08457 740 740

Fees will discussed with you prior to any amendments being made and must be paid before the new address information is released.

If you have any queries with this form, please contact the Address Management Officer on 01322 343425 or email

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