Workforce Planning and Development Tool


Welcome to the Skills for Care Workforce Planning and Development Tool developed in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council.

This tool is designed to help your organisation plan for and implement a new workforce development plan. Complete any of the 9 sections of the tool, and you will receive a
free and personalised report based on your answers, and sent direct to your inbox.

In addition to advice and guidance based on your responses, each report contains links to further resources and guidance on the skills for care website.

If at all possible, we recommend that this tool be completed by more than one person in your organisation. By comparing results from different individuals, you will be better informed about your organisation's strengths and weaknesses, and be able to develop a more positive and inclusive workforce plan.

You may also choose to conduct this assessment annually to help understand if changes you implement are making a difference.

 Skills for Care can share anonymous aggregated data from the information you have put into this report with your local authority. This data will identify the local authority and type of service, but not the name or exact location of the service. This data, alongside NMDS-SC data, will help your local authority with its decision-making about workforce development strategy in your area. Skills for Care will use the data regionally and nationally to support its work on understanding the workforce development issues.
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