Thank you for taking the time to undertake our survey. We would recommend that you read our Information Sheet – A New Park for Christchurch and Frequently asked Questions first. Please note that these surveys are confidential and all data collected will be treated as such and held securely.

To begin with we would like to find out a little more about your use of the site.

Q1How long do you usually spend visiting the site?
Q2Do you also go onto the adjacent Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve during your visits? (please consider what your normal visit would be)
Q3How do you usually get there?
Q4How often do you usually visit?
Q6What time of day do you usually visit? (please select all that apply)

We made indicative plans for the site and gathered feedback from site users, through a previous survey. The following two questions are to help us continue to understand how you use the site and what is most important to you, so that we can continue to develop it appropriately.

Q7What activities do you like to undertake during your visit? (please select all that apply)
Q8What do you enjoy most about the site? (please select all that apply)

Personal Information – All of our countryside surveys ask the following questions. We look at the data to help us understand who and how people are using the countryside and this in turn helps us to protect nature while ensuring people retain and have improved access to it. For example we look at how far people have travelled and how many sensitive and non-sensitive sites they have access to within that radius.  

Q10Are you male or female?
Q11What is your age?
Q12Do walk a dog on this site?
Q13Do you have any children or grandchildren under the age of 18?
Q14Do you, or anyone in your household use a wheelchair, or difficulties walking?

Thank you again for taking time to undertake our survey. Keep an eye out for news and updates at Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre and their website.

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