Pre-apprenticeship programmes - survey

L&W are working with the support of J.P. Morgan to research and share best practice in the design and delivery of inclusive and high-quality pre-apprenticeship programmes that provide pathways to apprenticeships for young people, across Europe and more widely.

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Pre-apprenticeships are programmes targeted at young people aged 16-24, where at least one of the stated aims is progression to an apprenticeship. Some programmes are explicitly called ‘pre-apprenticeships’ whilst others have specific brand names. Programmes typically prepare young people for apprenticeships by providing a combination of vocational training and hands-on experience, however, the components vary by individual programme.

This call for evidence will help us to understand how pre-apprenticeship programmes are being delivered across Europe and more widely.
We may invite you to participate in a short telephone interview, in the near future, to gain more in depth understanding of your provision.
How do I respond?

- This short survey contains open questions about your pre-apprenticeship programme. Please tell us as much as you can, although you do not need to answer every question to submit a response.  

- The form needs to be completed in one sitting, so we recommend you complete the Word version of the form before submitting your answers via this online platform.  

- If you would like to submit any documents to support your response, please email Seana at  
Get in touch!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the survey, or if you require support to complete the form.  

The survey should take around
15 minutes to complete.  

Please respond to this survey by
Friday 27th March 2020.  
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