Royal Astronomical Society Harassment and Bullying Survey

Dear Colleagues,

The scientific workplace, as with all workplaces, should provide a caring, constructive environment with safe, supportive working conditions for all.

Bullying and harassment can have a devastating effect on the workplace environment, and this includes astronomy, solar-system science and geophysics.

As a Society dedicated to promoting the study of these subjects, we are keen that no one is excluded or suffers as a result of their experiences within the workplace.

The RAS believes that all of its members have the right to work in a climate of respect; they should not be subject to intimidating, hostile or humiliating treatment.
In line with this goal, this survey is designed to explore the perceptions and experience of bullying and harassment within astronomy, solar-system science and geophysics. We would like to ask our members and others who work in these fields to complete the following anonymous questionnaire so that we can understand the scale and nature of this issue in order to help us work, with others, to prevent and mitigate it.

Completed survey forms should be returned by the 31st May 2020 using this online survey form.

If you have any queries about the survey or its use, please contact Dr Sheila Kanani, RAS Diversity officer via
Kind regards,
Professor Emma Bunce, President-elect, Royal Astronomical Society
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