Teamsters Local 117
King County Coalition
2020 Contract Survey

Q1About You:

General Compensation Issues

Q2Check the box that indicates the importance of each issue to you:
 Very important Important Neutral Somewhat unimportant Very unimportant 
 Health insurance     

 Market-based wage adjustments for your classification     

 General wage increase     

 Increased paid leave     

 Wage premiums (on-call, holiday, etc.)     

 Step progression     

 Increased merit pay above top-step     

 Child care subsidy     

 Professional development     
Q3Rank your preferences below from 1-9 of where the County should make adjustments to the current compensation package. 1 = highest, 9 = lowest
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 
 Health insurance         

 Market-based wage adjustment for your classification`         

 General wage increase         

 Increased paid leave         

 Wage Premiums (on-call, holiday, etc.)         

 Step progression         

 Increasing merit pay above top-scale         

 Child care subsidy         

 Professional development         

Evaluation of County Management Performance:

Q4Check the box based on how you feel the County handles the issues below:
 Excellent Good Neither good nor bad Somewhat poor Very poor 
 County's concern about workers in general     

 County's concern about health & safety on the job     

 County's concern about your job security     

 Your division's concern for equity and social justice     

 County's overall treatment of its workers     

 County accelerates the standard 10-step progression rate to reduce the time required to reach top step     
Q7Do you believe that identical county job classifications should be paid the same amount regardless of the contract that the position falls into?
Q8Do you believe that the wage for your classification is lower than that of comparable jobs at other local public employers?  If yes, please make sure you have listed your classification at the beginning of this survey.

Health Benefits, Leave, and Child Care Subsidy

Q9Does the County's health benefits package make you more or less likely to want to stay in County employment?
Q10Should the County increase leave accrual rates at the lower end of the seniority scale to be a more appealing employer to new employees?

In 2018 negotiations, labor and management created a joint task force to explore child care vouchers for King County employees. This came in recognition of a growing affordability crisis where families with young children can spend more than $2000/month (per child) for care. The work environment also suffers when working parents are forced to miss work, pass up career opportunities, switch jobs or quit work to take care of their children.

Q11Do you agree that King County should provide a child care benefit to its employees?
Q12What funding option would you support for this benefit if it was created?

Union Involvement and Other Comments

Q13Winning a good contract depends on everyone's involvement. Please indicate all you are willing to commit to in order to build our negotiating strength and WIN a GREAT CONTRACT.
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