Stayin' Inside Use Survey

We have temporarily re-branded Stayin' Alive as Stayin' Inside. The campaign goes on to re-develop the Co-op Funeralcare building in Chorlton. When the current confinement comes to an end, we will be more determined than ever to make sure we have a say in how to improve our local district centre. To see more about the campaign please go to

The success of
Stayin’ Inside will depend on us getting the right mix of services and facilities in place that local people and visitors want to use and pay for.

We want your help in shaping the plan.
This short survey from the Chorlton Community Land Trust is trying to find out what you are most interested in seeing on the site so that we can understand how we can make the project commercially viable while ensuring it retains a strong sense of community ownership. There will be further surveys to follow, building on the insights we get here.

Please give us 5 minutes to let us know what you would like to see and what you think will work.

This survey covers the old Chorlton Picture House building which we want to retain and redevelop, and the garages to the rear which will be demolished and replaced by a new building.
Q1What would you like to see on offer when the Stayin' Inside project is up and running?
Please rank the top five things you would like to see.
 First Second Third Fourth Fifth 
 Residential Apartments     
 Food Production Facilities     
 Crèche/ Nursery     
 Offices/Co-working Space     
 Food Shopping     
 Retirement Apartments     
 Meeting Space     
 Other Shopping     
 Learning & Courses      
 Health Services     
 Casual Food Hall Dining     
 Performances (Music/Theatre)     
Q4Please let us know how much importance you would place on the following attributes:
 Essential Nice To Have Indifferent 
 Accessible & welcoming to local school kids   
 Accessible & welcoming to older people   
 Recognising the Bee Gees   
 Ethical principles of operation   
 Sustainable goods for sale   
 Affordable for lower income people   
 Highest standards of eco-design    
 Facilities for disabled people, beyond DDA compliance   
 High architectural standards   
 Multi-purpose space that can be used in the day as well as the evening   
 Scope for large gatherings (>100 people)   
Q6Where do you live?
Q7Please tell us what age bracket you are in
Q8Have you pledged?
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