Dear expert in leisure construction,

Building Leisure Buildings is an invitation-only business community in which global investors, leading architects and consultants, expert contractors and world-class operators meet to share knowledge, knowhow and ‘knowwho’ about the leisure construction market.

And these days - more than ever - it is important to share knowledge and knowhow.

We are all bombarded on a daily basis with statistics about the Covid-19 virus. Governments, most of them at least, are making their decisions based upon the facts and figures supplied to them by scientific experts. Today everybody understands the value of expertise and good market intelligence.

Leisure, tourism and hospitality have been one of the worst hit sectors. This will have a significant impact on future leisure building projects including investments in new projects, the set up of renovation projects, decisions about refurbishment, rebranding projects due to take-overs, etc.
We want to support our international business community of leisure construction experts with new insights, including facts and figures, by offering you the combined knowledge and knowhow of your peers across the world. After all, we are evolving to a sharing economy, one in which Together Everybody Achieves More. And together we know much more than one individual.

This is the reason we are launching the first international Building Leisure Buildings Barometer. We want to collect the experience, the vision and understanding of investors, owners, operators, architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and finance people active in the leisure construction market. You are important to us. And to each other.

In this Building Leisure Buildings Barometer we’ll identify the facts, figures and trends. We’ll focus on the market of the leisure economy, on leisure buildings and on the main stakeholders in the industry.
We have a simple promise: you share, we share. This means that all participants will receive an executive report, ready to use in their boardroom for future decision making. Furthermore, all the participants will receive an invitation to an online community meeting in which we shall present the results.

Let's hope we can meet each other soon again, during one of our inspiration sessions in a landmark leisure building, or - for now - in one of our online community meetings.

Stay strong & don’t forget to take some time for leisure activities!
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