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Children and Young People – What are your experiences of Mental Health & Anxiety during Covid-19?


Worcestershire County Council, Worcestershire Children First, Herefordshire Council and Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust want to find out about your experiences of mental health and anxiety in children and young people during the Covid outbreak. The aim is to gather information that will help us to understand what worked well for children and young people and their families and to learn lessons and put measures in place to improve the mental health services for children and young adults in the future.

This questionnaire is aimed at children and young people and can also be filled in by parents and guardians on behalf of your child to tell us about your child's experiences
If you or your child(ren) are struggling with mental health or anxiety issues you can get help, support and information from the Worcestershire County Council mental health support pages or Herefordshire Council web pages on mental health. The Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust webpages on mental health also include information on many different support services, and Herefordshire Council offer mental health support for their residents. Pages on the Worcestershire Children First website may also be of use especially if you need to talk to someone about mental health problems or domestic abuse at home.

In the following survey any information you put will be held
STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and we do not ask for your name or contact details. The information will be used by Worcestershire County Council only for the purposes of looking at how children and young people are coping with the covid outbreak and the effects on mental health. The results will be analysed for general themes and will never contain anything that could identify you. This report will be shared with shared with Worcestershire Children First, Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust and Herefordshire Council. Your personal details will not be linked to your opinions in any way. All questions are voluntary and can be skipped if you don't want to answer.
 Are you...
For the following questions "you" refers to the child that you are answering on behalf of, unless the question particularly asks about your experience as a parent
Q1A number of direct Mental Health services have stopped or have been delivered differently during Covid 19. Were you receiving any Mental Health services that are not currently available or that have been delivered differently?
Q1aWhich services were you receiving help from? Please tick all that apply
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