Stayin' Inside Use Survey #2        

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Although we are still living under restrictions, we are pressing on with the Stayin’ Inside campaign. We have completed our first survey and now want to ask you for some further questions about your support for the emerging plan. The Stayin’ Inside team has been busy on three fronts:
1)   Undertaking a survey of pledgers and local people on what you would like to see at the site. The findings of that have been analysed and are here .

2)   Progressing discussions with potential development partners to secure the additional investment we need and better understand what sort of operators might help make the scheme viable.

3)  Completing our social value consultation among CLT members to help identify the sort of overall objectives we could aim to achieve.

We now want to undertake a further survey to get your views on the emerging uses that we believe could work and which match the aspirations of pledgers, members and potential customers.

Update On Progress & Options

The first important update is that we have worked hard to try to secure a health related use for the rear part of the site (currently occupied by garages), but have concluded this is no longer a realistic option. We would love to host a new medical centre but the time involved to get a positive decision just doesn’t work with the timeframe we have to work to. It would be years before we could get a deal agreed and we just can’t wait that long. We have also explored scope for additional office and workspace on the rear of the site but have found that the likely costs and revenues this would generate are not likely to attract the sort of investment we need. We have now begun to explore housing as a more financially viable option on the rear part of the site and are looking at how best to bring forward some affordable/ lower cost homes as part of the solution. We will let you know more about these developments in the coming weeks.

This Survey

This survey covers four aspects of the overall project:
A) Overall Objectives – What do we want to achieve?
B) Attributes – What are the principles that should guide how we implement the development?
C) Proposed Offer – What demand is there for proposed offer in the picture house building?
D) Wider Aspirations – what more could we do alongside developing the site?