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The Museums’ Organisational Health Check is a self-assessment tool for museums.

It is designed as an indicator to help you highlight your museum’s current best practice, understand where the museum has areas of development and to feed into your forward planning.  This will enable you to prioritise areas of working over the next 12 months and provide you with a benchmark for future work.

Please note there are no right or wrong answers or penalties for low scores, it is a self-assessment tool for your museum.
The Museums’ Organisational Health Check asks an overarching question about your museum’s Forward Plan and then addresses six themes:  

   1. governance and leadership
   2. financial planning and resources
   3. people development and management
   4. working practices
   5. audiences
   6. collections
Each theme is followed by several statements for you to score your organisation against between 0-4:

   0: We don’t do this at all  
   1: We only do this a small amount
   2: We’re okay at this  
   3: We’re good at this  
   4: We’re excellent at this
Covid-19 – due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus the Museums’ Organisational Health Check includes text boxes after each section.  These are provided to capture information on how your museum is affected and provide context for your scoring.
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