Bolton Council - Early Education Entitlements Funding during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Autumn term 2020

As outlined in the government announcement and guidance documents, early education entitlements funding for the Autumn term 2020 will be based on the January 2020 census (for Autumn term only).

In Bolton payments for the Autumn 2020 term will, in the first instance, be based on the previous Autumn term 2019 total submitted hours.

This means that if providers are open, but caring for fewer children than they usually would be in the Autumn term, as a result of low demand from parents or for public health reasons, they can continue to be funded as if the COVID-19 pandemic were not happening. We recognise that numbers for the Autumn term 2020 may have, in some cases increased. Any additional funded children that are above the figure submitted in Autumn 2019 will be paid. This gives another term of secure income to nurseries and childminders who are open for the children who need them.

To enable the process to run smoothly Bolton Council needs confirmation that funded providers will be open for the Autumn term and to confirm which funding entitlement they will be offering. All providers will be asked to complete this funding form so that the headcount can open, and payments can then be made. This will ensure we have accurate information about the entitlements you will be offering.

The Government guidance setting this out in more detail can be found here;

If you need any support to complete this survey, please email

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