LUC Annual Permit Renewal

Please complete the form below in order to renew your LUC car share permit for another year. On completion of this application form you will be forwarded to MiPermit where you can log into your account (or create one) and renew your LUC permit.



Section 1 - About You










 Are you a blue badge holder?

 Do you want to be added to or remain on the 'white list' to use the LUC car share bays at Colchester Station?



Section 2 - About Your Car Share

 Which LUC car share bays do you most regularly use?

(Please give one answer only)

 Is a LUC car share bay always free when you need one?

 What are you mainly travelling into town/to the station for?

 Who is/are your main car share partner/s?

(Please select one option)


 How do you or how are you likely to pay going forward for your car parking in town centre car parks?


 Have you observed anyone using the LUC car share bays when they are driving alone and not car sharing or who do not have a LUCC permit?

 Join our campaign to improve Colchester's air! Working with the community 'Care For Your Air', is Colchester Borough Council's campaign to encourage residents to switch off their engine every time they wait to reduce air pollution. If you would like some resources to help remind you and others to switch off your engine, please let us know below.




Terms and Conditions:


A. Qualifying for a permit
1) A car share is defined as a minimum of two adults over the age of 18 years sharing one car for the journey.
2) You need a MiPermit account to take part in the scheme, you can use an existing account or open a new one.
3) Your application consists of two parts, completion of this form and validation through MiPermit. You will only have a valid LUC permit once both parts are complete.
4) The permit is assigned per MiPermit account holder, so if you have more than one car on your account you can assign your LUC permit to either when you carshare and use a LUC bay.
5) The LUC permit is virtual, you will not receive a physical permit however you will receive a one off window sticker so that LUC members can identify each other
6) There is no charge for obtaining a LUC permit, but the owner has the obligation to renew it annually (the owner is defined as the MrPermit account holder).


B. Using your permit
1) The LUC parking bay may only be used on days when the permit holder is car sharing (as defined under section A).
2) The LUC permit allows the owner to park in designated car share bays when car sharing, but does not exempt them from paying parking fees as
  applicable. These still need to be paid in full whenever using the car park (unless already in possession of an appropriate paid season ticket)
3) Carpark fees can be paid via the MiPermit ap, MiPermit telephone number or at the machine
4There is a maximum stay limit of 8 hours in the Colchester station LUC car share bays and this will be enforced by the ANPR camera system. If
  you overstay you may be liable for a penalty charge.
5) The LUC sticker provided must be displayed clearly in the windscreen. (Blue badge holders should also display their blue badge)
6) This scheme is only available in the following car parks: St Mary’s MSCP, St John’s MSCP, Britannia, Vineyard Street and Colchester Station


C. Sanctions
1) The car share bays will be monitored to ensure they are being used in conformity with the specified terms and conditions.
2) Failure to conform with the specified terms and conditions may result in the withdrawal of your LUC car share permit.
3) Users of the LUC car share bays must comply with the regulations of the car park or the owner of the vehicle might be liable to receive a penalty issue.
4) Failure to conform with the specified terms and conditions may result in a penalty notice being issued by NCP on behalf of Colchester Station or NEPP on
  behalf of Colchester Borough Council and the potential withdrawal of your LUC car share permit.


D. General Data Protection Regulations
Loveurcarcolchester, hosted by Colchester Borough Council (CBC),  North East Essex Partnership (NEPP) and MiPermit will gather personal information from you (name, address, email, car registration as outlined in the application/reapplication form) in order to process your request to join the Loveurcarcolchester car share scheme. We will also use your personal data to:
1) Validate your renewal (including on MiPermit) and send you a one off loveurcarcolchester member sticker.
2) Contact you occasionally in relation to your usage of the car bay scheme.


3) Contact you with updates regarding the loveurcarcolchester carshare bay scheme and other Colchester initiatives to improve air quality.
4) Contact you to take part in occasional additional surveys to monitor aspects of the car share scheme.
5) To monitor usage and trends in uptake of the bays to help us increase the uptake of car sharing, marketing and evaluating usage of the car share bays.
6) We will retain your personal data for up to 2 years. We will then delete your personal data from our records unless you have reapplied to renew your permit.
7) Your data will only be used by the administrators of the scheme and not shared with any third parties.


8) If you have agreed to be added to the Colchester station 'white list' in order to use the car share bays on the south side of the station, we will share your name
  and car registration plate details with Greater Anglia and the NCP who manage the station car park. Your name will remain on the 'white list' unless you request
  that we remove it or you use the station LUC bays less than once every three months.
9) We will ensure that the data you give us is processed in line with Colchester Borough Council’s Data Protection Policy and in line with your rights
  under Data Protection legislation. In signing up to the Loveurcarcolchester car share scheme you are consenting to us processing your personal data for the
  purposes outlined above. For further information about how your data is used and stored, please go to


E. General
1) Loveurcarcolchester may change these Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be notified of any changes via email.
2) See Tariff Board in car parks for full details of Terms and Conditions.
3) LUC cannot guarantee the on-going availability of LUC car share bay spaces in any car park that is currently part of the scheme.
4) LUC car share bay permits are valid for one year. You will receive an email reminder from MiPermit to renew your permit and it is your responsibility to do this on receipt of the reminder email.

 Your consent


Thank you for completing this form, please click the submit button below and you will be directed to MiPermit where you can log in or create an account to complete your LUC renewal.

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