Recruitment survey 2020

This survey explores your firm’s experience of recruitment over the last year. Please answer this survey as accurately as possible. We recognise that some of your answers may be approximate or estimates. This is fine. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question and are unable to make an estimate, please skip it.
Depending on how much information you have to hand you may find that you need to talk to some other people in your firm before you fill it in. We would recommend you look through the PDF or use a Word document to collate the information. If you have all of the information to hand it will take you between 15-45 minutes to complete the survey.
No organisation will be identified in the results.
Data collected through this survey will be analysed for ISE research publications, blogs and articles and provided in an aggregate way in response to member and stakeholder queries.
The raw data will be stored securely and only be available to ISE staff.
Any queries about the survey or wider research please contact
Q1Do you agree to participate in the ISE annual recruitment survey 2020?
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