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Blackpool Council Active Lives Public Survey 2020

Blackpool Council is working on a draft 'Active Lives' strategy and want to hear from you. Active lives involves more than sport and physical activity, and looks at how we can use all the services of the Council and its partners to encourage people to be more active day-to-day. This is sometimes called "taking a whole town approach". If you need to refer back to the proposed strategy objectives, please click here

This survey is part of a larger consultation exercise, designed to access the views of Blackpool residents, community groups, sports clubs, local schools and stakeholders and aims to find out how important increasing physical activity is to you.

We would be grateful if you would be able to spare 10-15 minutes to complete this survey.

All responses are strictly confidential and completely anonymous. Personal data will be collected for further analysis and insight purposes only. Research findings such as reports (which excludes personal data) will only be shared with relevant internal teams across Blackpool Council and external institutions such as other local authority areas and partner organisations.
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