Harrogate Borough Council Electric Vehicle Charging Point Survey

Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) are supporting an Undergraduate BA Geography student at the University of Leeds, who is carrying out this study on behalf of the council. The purpose of this study is to understand how HBC might best meet the need for Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Points for residents in the Harrogate District who lack access to off-street parking. 

We will explore

1. Whether residents correspond to the profile of an early adopter.  

2. How residents with an EV use charging points when they are unable to install an off-street charging point at home.

3. How residents in a similar situation may use charging points in the immediate future. 

4. How far residents are willing to travel to use a charge point near a residential area which lacks off-street parking.

5. The extent to which the provision of EV charging points could increase the uptake of EV use. 

It is important that the initial provision of charging points serves residents who have a lack of charging facilities due to parking restrictions. In the long-term it is hoped that on-street residential charging facilities will be available for everyone, but in the short to medium term it is felt that the best way to ensure such residents have the ability to charge their vehicle, is to provide public charge points near to the residential areas where they live. As EV uptake increases these facilities would be reassessed and additional provision installed where required. 

To take part in this study, you should be a resident living in the Harrogate District. Your involvement in this study will entail answering a series of questions related to how you may use charge points now or hope to in the future. Completing this questionnaire will take around 10 minutes and it needs to be completed in one go.

Participation in this study is entirely optional. All of the data collected for this study will be anonymous. We do not ask for your name or any other personal details which may identify you. The data will be stored by the council and will only be accessible to HBC and the researcher involved in the project. Once the questionnaire is submitted the data cannot be withdrawn as it is anonymous and there will be no way of identifying your data. The research has been approved by the University of Leeds (Ethical Approval: AREA 20-003). If you have any questions or complaints about the research please contact Olivia Rayner, gy17oacr@leeds.ac.uk. 

By submitting this questionnaire, you are agreeing to all the points above.
Thank you in advance for your participation and I hope that the findings will help HBC determine the optimal locations for initial charging point provision for residents and help build a successful Electric Vehicle Charging Network across the District.

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