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Important information – please read carefully:

· The deadline for submission of nominations is 12:00 noon Tuesday 9 February.

· This is the online nomination form for nominating a learning provision for a Festival of Learning 2021 award. To nominate an individual learner, tutor or employer please go to the Festival of Learning website and select the category you wish to nominate in.

· Before starting your nomination, please ensure you have read the guidance notes including eligibility criteria carefully. This includes a copy of all the questions on the nomination form.

· This nomination form must be completed in one sitting. You cannot save a partially completed nomination form and return to it later. Therefore we strongly recommend that you prepare and draft your nomination using the guidance document first.

· Nominations for Festival of Learning 2021 awards need to be submitted online by the nominator. Nominations for learning provisions will need the agreement of a senior manager responsible for the learning provision (if the nominator is not a senior manager responsible for the learning provision themselves) and will need to include at least one testimony from a learner. It is the nominator’s responsibility to explain the nominations process to the senior manager providing agreement for the nomination being made, and obtain a testimony from at least one of the learners for inclusion in their nomination. Download our information sheet for Learning Provision nominees.

· Nominations must be submitted online here. Once you have prepared and drafted your nomination in the guidance document provided and you are ready to submit, enter the information into this online form.

Technical or accessibility issues and other support

· If you use assistive technology (e.g. a screen reader) or are a deaf BSL speaker and need help to complete the online nomination form, or if you have any other technical or accessibility issues in completing the online form, please contact the Festival of Learning team. Email us at fol@learningandwork.org.uk or call us on 0116 204 4239 (voicemail only). We will respond to emails and telephone messages as soon as possible (usually within one working day).

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