About the research

Thank you for your interest in our research about Haverfordwest.

We are Traverse, an independent research organisation, that have been asked by Mind, the mental health charity, working with SAMH in Scotland and Inspire in Northern Ireland, and in partnership with the Co-op, to carry out some research in your area.

We are arranging one-to-one telephone or online video interviews with people who live in Haverfordwest to understand how and why some communities and groups of people respond to and recover from challenging circumstances which impact on their mental health and wellbeing – this is called community resilience.

Your local area has been identified as being more resilient than other similar areas. We would like to speak with you as we think you will offer a valuable perspective as a local resident about whether this is the case and, if so, why that might be.

We would like to invite you take part in a telephone or video call interview.

During the interview you will be asked questions about your community, whether it feels resilient and, if so, why. No previous knowledge or experience is needed – all views are valued. This interview would last for one hour in November/December 2020. You would be offered £40 as a thank you for taking part. Even if you say you are interested in taking part now, you can still change your mind later on.  
 Are you interested in participating in a telephone/video interview?
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