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Climate Change in Your Area

The three councils of Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre have all committed to being more environmentally friendly. The councils are working together and within their localities, and each council’s ambitions are set out below:
Blackpool: You can read our full declaration here. It sets out an ambition for Blackpool Council to go "net-zero carbon" by 2030, which means that we want our impact on the environment to be balanced by positive action. However, the Council only produces around 3% of Blackpool's CO2 emissions, so to make a real impact, all businesses and people in Blackpool need to make changes.
Fylde: Fylde Council are currently developing a strategy for Carbon Reduction. Local residents and businesses will be key in helping us achieve any carbon reduction goals we set. We want to know what you currently think about the environment and climate change issues. Please help us by completing the Carbon Reduction survey

Wyre: We have committed to making the council’s activities net-zero carbon by 2050. We can directly impact the emissions we have control over, however we have also committed to support and work with the community towards making the entire Wyre area zero carbon within the same timescale. You can read our declaration here
We want to know what you currently think about the environment and climate change and how things might change in the future.
This survey is conducted by Infusion Research, Blackpool Council's in-house research team. All responses are strictly confidential and used anonymously. We ask for some personal details to ensure that different groups of people in our community have taken part, but you do not have to provide them. We will analyse the data and present it to a "Citizens’ Assembly" made up of local people, to help them come up with ideas for action. By completing the survey, you give your consent for us to use your feedback for this purpose.
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