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Budget Consultation 2021/22

To have money to spend on services each year the Council has to raise Council Tax from its residents or increase fees and charges for the services it provides. If we decide to spend more on a service, or group of services, we may have to increase the amount we raise from people in tax or charge more to service users. Sometimes we must also increase tax even if we do not spend more, due to external pressures such as the significant reduction in core cash from Central Government.
The Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy identifies significant budgetary shortfalls over the next five years that will need addressing with robust financial and budget strategies. The amounts for each year are: 2021/22 - £1.275m | 2022/23 - £1.495m |  2023/24 - £0.813m | 2024/25 - £0.955m | 2025/26 - £0.509m
We would be grateful if you would respond to the following questions, which will provide valuable feedback to inform our future spending plans and ensure that we continue to provide services that are value for money to residents.
Please note that Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is not responsible for the following services:

Policing | Hospitals  |The NHS | Social care | Roads / highways | Schools or academies
1.Are you a resident of the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme?
3.Which of these Council services are the most important to you? Please tick up to five boxes.
4.Out of the following services which the Council is not required by law to provide, which would you most like to see protected? Please tick up to five boxes.
5.When making decisions about spending plans for next year and beyond, should we...
7.Which service areas should the Council seek to generate additional income from service users in order to help balance the budget?  Please tick as many as you feel are appropriate.
If you tell us which age group you belong to and your postcode this helps us to see where our responses are coming from.  Providing this information is completely optional.
Thank you for taking the time to have your say - on pressing submit your answers will be sent to us and you will be re-directed to the Council's Have Your Say page.
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