Medrwn Môn is working with Anglesey County Council to develop a Place Shaping Programme for the Island. Place Shaping looks at how we can make our communities stronger and more resilient in the future through understanding what those communities have in terms of assets- buildings, green spaces, skills & knowledge, community groups, and public services. By understanding what our communities look like now, we will then be able to plan and work on any priorities identified so that are communities are equipped to deal with future changes in services and are ready and willing to take part and have a say in how those changes may affect them.

For example, we would like to know what works well in your communities or whether there are some things that you would like to change?  The results will then be shared widely with those who provide services in our communities (i.e Local Councils, Police, Health and Fire Services).

Q1We would like to hear from everyone about the communities in which they live. Please tell us if you are filling out this questionaire as:
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