Proposal to create a special educational needs unit within Walverden Primary School


We are seeking your initial views about a proposal to create a special educational needs (SEN) unit at Walverden Primary School.

We want to assure you that we will give careful consideration to all your comments and opinions. We will use your feedback to develop our proposal ready to take to the next stage of formal consultation.

This is a legal requirement in order to make changes like this to a school.


What are we planning to do?

The proposal is to create an SEN unit for between eight and sixteen children with social communication and interaction needs in Walverden Primary School.

All of these children will have education, health and care plans. Some of these children will transfer from another school to Walverden Primary School so that they can attend the SEN unit.

Children attending the SEN unit will be taught in the unit for some of the time and at other times they will be taught with other children in existing classes.

All children already on roll at Walverden Primary School will still be able to attend the school and this change should not affect current admission criteria.


Why are we doing this?

- To give families more choice about the type of school they would like their child to attend.

- To make sure there is specialist support and enough special school places for all children with special educational needs.

- Existing pupils, whether or not they have special educational needs, will benefit from the specialist knowledge of staff working with children in the SEN unit leading to an overall improvement in the quality of teaching throughout the school.

- There is a particular need for SEN units in the Colne / Nelson area.

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