Thank you for your interest in the survey. This survey is for disabled people and people with mental health challenges who are aged 18+ in Gloucestershire.

The survey will help Barnwood Trust know what activities and projects would be useful for disabled people and people with mental health challenges. The overall results may be shared in reports that Barnwood produces.  The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  There is the option to save your answers and go back to them later by clicking on the
Save button.  All saved answers will be used in our analysis.

After answering each question, click on the
Next button to go to the next question, or the Back button to go back and change a previous answer.

Unfortunately, Barnwood Trust won’t be able to respond to any individual feedback given as part of the survey.

If you’d prefer to take part using a different format, please contact Roz Warden (email  or call 01242 539935).

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