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CPAF Screening Questionnaire 2021/22

The CPAF Screening Questionnaire for 2021/22 is now closed.

The ODS code is sometimes called the F code as it begins with an F and is entered on your prescription submission document at the end of each month, e.g. FA001/FAA01. All letters should be uppercase and no spaces should be entered. Please ensure this is your NHS ODS code and not your private ODS code.
When entering an ODS code above, if you receive the "You have already submitted your CPAF Screening Questionnaire responses for 2021/22." message, it means that a response has already been submitted for the pharmacy.

Please check you have entered your ODS code correctly. If you still receive an error message, email nhsbsa.cpaf@nhs.net and include your ODS Code, pharmacy name and address details in your message.