Cycling and walking stategy:
Public consulation

North West Leicestershire District Council is currently producing a Cycling and Walking Strategy for the District. This Strategy will highlight where investment could be directed towards to increase levels of cycling and walking for all residents and visitors. The Strategy will help to improve cycling and walking connectivity by linking up key locations in the District aiming to improve opportunity to be more active, improve health and wellbeing and improve air quality as well as reduce carbon emissions, support local tourism, local businesses and the economy.

We would be grateful if you can help shape the direction of this Strategy by providing some input into the document through the following questions.


If you would like to have your say regarding cycling in the District, please complete the following section.
Q1As a resident, if you are to cycle, where do you mainly do this?
Please tick ALL that apply
Q2Do you generally cycle.....?
Please tick ALL that apply
Q2cIf you cycle for leisure where do you regularly participate?
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Q3In the area/s you have listed are there any improvements you would like to see to encourage you to enhance your cycling capacity?
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Q4What do you think are the most important ways to support people in everyday cycling to places like town centres, local shops and schools?
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