Fear of Crime Survey

Colchester Borough Council is keen to understand peoples feelings around public safety, and whether our residents have either been a victim, or fear becoming a victim of crime.

Being a victim of any form of crime can be traumatic experience, however fearing crime, even if unfounded, can also cause stress and anxiety, and affect your mental and physical wellbeing. Fear of Crime means different things to different people, this could include not feeling safe in the community, fear of burglary or possible violent or physical harm.


Section One - About You


Colchester Borough Council takes the management of personal data seriously and it does this in compliance with data protection laws. All information collected will be used for research purposes only. We will never share personally identifiable information with third parties for promotional purposes. The information you supply will be kept for 2 years and at which point it will be disposed of securely. For further information about how your data is used and stored, please go to www.colchester.gov.uk/privacy.

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