Gloucestershire Community Food Survey

During the Covid pandemic, Food Security was highlighted as a real risk to community members across the county.  As a result the Gloucestershire Food Strategic Partnership would like to ask your help to explore Food Security, Food Access and Food Equality.  

Please tell us about food accessibility in your Parish or Town Council area.  We will use your feedback to help develop a strategy about food and access to it for the county.

Q1Please tell us about your Parish or Town Council:  

Access to food

Q2If there were to be another pandemic, how confident are you that there will always be food for your residents to buy food locally?
Q3How would you rate the quality of the food that can be bought locally?
Q4How confident are you that food will be available to your residents in another extreme event from the following sources?
 Very confident Confident Not confident 
 Local stores   
 Farm shops   
 Growing your own   

Food locally produced

"Local food" is defined as food or drink that has been grown, raised or made within 30 miles of the point of sale, or in the same county as the point of sale.

Q5Does your Parish or Town currently have access to locally produced food?
Q6What locally produced food is currently available to your residents?  Please tick all that apply:
Q7What locally produced food do you think your residents would like to be able to buy?  Please tick all that apply:
Q8What are the barriers or perceived barriers for your residents in buying locally produced food?  Please tick all that apply:
Q9Would your Parish or Town Council be interested in supporting any of the following?  Please tick all that apply:
Q10Is there a local project in which members of your community get together to grow food?
Q12Do you think your community would be interested in a project where people get together to grow food?

Food and Farming

We want to support local farmers to grow locally produced food for us, as well as supporting them to adopt healthier farming practices in food production, improving air, water and soil quality, biodiversity recovery, and adopting more natural flood management practices.  All of these actions combined will help support our local economy, creating jobs for our communities.

Q13Do you think your residents would prefer to buy local food produced in this way if it was affordable?
Q14Would your Parish or Town Council like to become more involved in supporting the farming community, either in food production or in helping to reduce environmental impact?
Q15If yes, which of the following would be barriers that would prevent you from becoming more involved?
Q17Would your Parish or Town Council like to get involved in developing the Gloucestershire Food & Farming Strategy?  If yes, please provide your contact details below then tick the consent box to confirm.  We will only contact you about opportunities relating to this project.  Funding is available for participation for those interested in shaping Gloucestershire's food vision.
Q18Please tick to confirm you would like to get involved with and be kept informed about Gloucestershire Food Strategy and consent to your contact details being kept and used for this purpose.

This survey is being conducted by GRCC on behalf of the Gloucestershire Food Partnership.  GRCC and Gloucestershire Food Partnership commit to keeping your personal data secure and will not share your contact details with anyone else without your permission.  Your contact details will be retained securely in keeping with GDPR and will only be used to contact you about opportunities relating to this project.

GRCC is a registered charity (no. 1054282) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 3181755).

Thank you for taking part!

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