South Lanarkshire Council -
Climate change and sustainability strategy 2022 - 2027
We are currently developing the next Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy and we are keen that as many residents of South Lanarkshire as possible help shape the vision and priorities for this strategy.  The current strategy covers the period up to March 2022 and the new strategy will cover a five year period from April 2022 to March 2027.

As part of the development of the strategy we have undertaken a series of online focus groups across South Lanarkshire in order to gather people’s views and suggestions.  A massive thank you is extended to those who were involved in the focus groups.
Participants of the focus group discussed and suggested priorities for the Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy, and these are detailed in the questions below. However it is important to note that participants based their suggestions on their own personal knowledge and experience. 

Not all themes that will be included in the strategy are included in this survey, just those that were identified as being of most importance to the focus group participants.