Housing Strategy Consultation 2021


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The Council has formulated the following priorities for its Housing Strategy 2021- 2025:
Housing, Health and Wellbeing and Partnerships
Housing and Economic Recovery
Homelessness and Rough Sleeping
3.Do you agree with us choosing Housing, Health and Wellbeing and Partnerships as a priority?
4.Do you agree with the objectives...
 Yes No 
 To integrate the housing and health and wellbeing agendas  
 To improve housing standards and the energy efficiency of the housing stock  
6.Do you agree with us choosing Housing and Economic Recovery as a priority?
7.Do you agree with the objectives.....
 Yes No 
 To develop a housing market that is vibrant and economically prosperous, which will meet the needs of our residents.  
 To facilitate the development of a range of affordable housing, that meets identified housing needs.  
 To take on the direct role of developing housing, specifically on Council’s own land  
 To contribute to the economic regeneration of the high street by incorporating mixed use developments within town centres.  
9.Do you agree with us choosing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping as a priority?
10.Do you agree with the objectives....
 Yes No 
 To provide early intervention and partnership working to prevent homelessness  
 To support those who are faced with homelessness issues; specifically, those rough sleeping.  
 To operate a housing allocation system; both registration and allocation which will allow those in housing need to be able to access appropriate social housing.  
 To create more emergency and temporary accommodation options, which are cost effective with the appropriate support  

Thank you for taking part - your views are very important to us. On pressing submit you will be re-directed to the Council's Have Your Say page.

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