Bolton town centre Public Spaces Protection Order [PSPO]
Three year review
 The current PSPO for Bolton town centre is due to expire in February 2022.
We propose to extend the PSPO for another three years [the maximum allowed by law], keeping all the current restrictions in place.

Public Space Protection Orders are intended to deal with a particular nuisance by imposing restrictions on certain antisocial behaviours. The PSPO is designed to make sure that people can use and enjoy public spaces in Bolton town centre without worrying about anti-social behaviour.

This public consultation forms part of a review we are undertaking of the PSPO to ensure the prohibitions within the order remain proportionate and effective. Consultation responses will be used alongside other information to help the council decide whether to extend the PSPO or not.    
 Please read the supporting documents for full details of the proposed PSPO before giving your views on the proposed extension.
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