One Degree UK 2021: Pre-programme Survey


We would like to ask you some questions about you, school life and your views about starting the One Degree programme. Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback.

This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

The answers you give to the survey questions will be completely anonymous. This means that your teachers, parents and other pupils will not know what you have written.

Please answer as honestly as you can.

How to complete the survey:

 - Please read each question and any instructions carefully.
 - For most of the questions you will be asked to tick one or more boxes.
 - For some questions, you will be asked to write in the open space.
 - Please answer all of the questions on each page.
 - If you are unsure about any of the questions or how to answer them, please ask your teacher for help.

Don’t forget: This is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. We just want to know what you really think.

This research is being conducted by a company called York Consulting. You can find out more about the company, including their Privacy Policy, on this website:

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