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Working Together for the Future
of East Devon

Tuesday 16 November 2021


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The event

 2. Thinking about the event today, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with:
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  The information sent out before the event      
  The 1st presentation: Enabling the invisible assets in our community to swiftly become visible in all their abundance. Heather Penwarden and Sharon Thorne.       
  The 2nd presentation: Emerging partnerships for collaborative working - Local Care Partnership. Jeff Chinnock.       
  The 3rd presentation: Emerging partnerships for collaborative working - Community Mental Health Framework. Jane Dewar.      
  The 4rd presentation: Introduction to the East Devon Community Network's new Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector Coordinator. Ellie Barnes.        
  The 5th presentation: How Citizens Advice East Devon can support the people you are helping and what its future might be. Sheran Taylor.       
  The 6th presentation: What we are hoping to do to help you all, and an introduction to the Poverty Strategy. John Golding.       
  The breakout sessions where you were split into smaller groups      
  The event overall      
 5. How did you find out about the event?
 6. Would you find it useful to meet with other voluntary and community groups in your area to exchange ideas about the services you offer, funding etc. and suggest how the council engages with voluntary and community groups in the future, such as this conference?  
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