Illinois Career and Technical Education (CTE) Student Survey
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Hello Student! We would like to learn more about the career-related courses and activities in which you participate and how they may have helped with your career choices. Your responses are anonymous which means that no one can identify you through your responses. Please be honest with your answers. Please answer all the questions and be sure to press the submit button when you are done. THANK YOU!
Before you begin, let’s review what we mean by career-related courses and activities. These courses and activities are designed to help prepare you for careers and/or college by introducing you to jobs you want to pursue (for example, nursing, agriculture, trades, information technology). Unlike required courses in math, English, science and social studies, career-related courses are mostly electives and you generally choose to enroll in these courses because of a particular interest. You might take one or more of these courses at high school, a local technical, career or vocational center, and/or local community college.
2.What grade are you currently in?
3.What is the gender to which you identify?
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