SEND Post Statutory School Age Transport Policy Statement

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Q1To what extent do you support or oppose the proposed SEND Post Statutory School Age Transport Policy Statement, which is planned to be implemented for 2023/24 academic year (please select 1 box only)
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Q2Are you responding as an individual, or on behalf of an organisation? (please select one box only)
If you are responding as an individual please tell us a little about yourself.
The following information is for our records, and aims to ensure we listen to the views of all sectors of our community. It will help us understand responses in greater detail by seeing "who thinks what". Like the rest of the form, all of the questions are optional and any responses received will be treated in confidence.
Q3Gender (please select one box only)
Q4If female, are you currently pregnant? (please select one box only)
Q5Is your present gender the one you were assigned at birth? (please select one box only)
Q6What is your age? (please select one box only)
Q7Do you have any of the following conditions? (please select all that apply)
Q8What is your Ethnic Group? (please select one box only)
Q9Which of the following best describes your religion or belief? (please select one box only)
Q10Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation? (please select one box only)
Thank you for taking the time to give us your views. Please now either submit your online response or send your completed form to:
Consulting Bedford, Freepost ANG5840, Bedford, MK40 1ZD
Please note the consultation closes on 30th September 2022. All comments received will be published.

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