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2022 City of Troy Budget Engagement Study

Thank you for your participation in this study; we value your opinion. Please respond on behalf of your household. All answers will remain completely confidential.

Property Tax Rates

In 1978, Michigan voters approved an amendment to the Michigan Constitution known as the Headlee Amendment that affects state and local taxes. The Headlee Amendment requires voters to approve any local property tax increases or new property taxes established after the amendment was approved.

According to a July 2022 report from the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, voters have often approved tax rate increases to maintain and improve local services. Most local governments had higher tax rates in 2020 than they did in 2004.

Statewide, the average city tax rate increased fourteen (14) percent between 2004 and 2020. The total of all Oakland County city tax rates increased twenty-four (24) percent in that time. Troy’s City tax rate increased less than six (6) percent.

General Budget Strategies
1.Like most families, the City of Troy must operate within its budget. Which general budget strategies do you support as the City works to balance programs, services, facilities, and infrastructure with the funding provided by residents and businesses?
(Mark all that apply.)
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