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London Borough of Sutton
Waste Collection Services and Street Cleansing

Help us shape the waste and street cleaning services of the future

Sutton Council has one of the best recycling rates in London: households across the borough recycle just over 46% of their waste (making us the 4th best borough in London). Not only that, but the total amount of waste we create as a borough has dropped by 12% over the last six years; a significant achievement at a time when our population is growing.

The fact that we now waste less and recycle more is great news for the environment - it will play a key role in helping us achieve our target of becoming a carbon neutral borough by 2030.
But there is so much more we could be doing.

We recently carried out a detailed study looking at what’s inside the average rubbish bin in the borough. It showed that around half (48.9%) could have been recycled using the council’s kerbside recycling collection service. The majority of this (24.1%) was food waste.

So, looking ahead, we need to do two things:

- Ensure residents across the borough are motivated to waste less and recycle more, and that they know how to use their recycling collection service to its full potential

- Continually improve and develop the waste collection and street cleaning services so they help us protect the environment and keep our borough looking its best.
With our current contract for waste collection and street cleaning coming to an end in 2025, this is an ideal time to review what’s worked well over the last few years and what areas can be improved.

Logistical constraints and the financial challenges we face mean that we are not starting with a blank page; we already have a fairly good idea of what the core parts of the services will look like. But there is a genuine opportunity for resident feedback to shape and influence important elements of the services where flexibility does exist and decisions can be made.

The feedback you provide by completing this online survey will help us design cost-effective, high quality services that are easy to use and continue to drive our recycling up and our waste down. It should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

Thank you for taking part.
Completing the survey
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Please complete this survey by
13 December 2022.

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